Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vessel Beaded

This vessel was knitted and felted before Thanksgiving, but I have since embellished it with red and white glass seed beads and light green Swarovski crystals. Just a little added bling, couldn't help myself. (The second photo shows the bottom.)


  1. Oh wow! Another gorgeous piece. The beads are the finishing touch! Really lovely.

  2. I think the beads give it an extra dimension. Your colors are beautiful.

  3. good Morning~

    Thanks for the post to my blog... you had asked a bout the wedding...The time is mid afternoon...elegant but not too formal...bridesmaids are simple dresses....since it is in July usually hot and humid here... so comfort is a must for all. My outfit is seperates. I chose a flowing skirt that is about mid calf with a pull over that I will have a black tank or camo under. The future mom in law as well did the same thing except instead of a skirt she is wearing Capri's. We said laughed about it and said if any one gives us too much guff the bride chose the outfits LOL!

    The whole issue being some people here think I should be more formal....which would be all find if it did not out do the wedding party...I still maintain no one except the ones creating the issues will even care what the moms wear... the focus should be all on the bridal party...

  4. My prize came today, you are really good at felting! I love the pillow also. Thank you so much.

  5. I got your beautiful pieces last week Barb THANKYOU so much they are gorgeous......

    I did try posting on my own blog to link back to you but for some reason blogger is saying I met my limit...even after I did aclean up job I still can not add any more photos! :(

    These are sitting right by front door to share with all who enter in my home...I just love both pieces thanks again!



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