Sunday, October 27, 2013

Loom Modified, New Weaving in Progress

Loom changes include steel rods that are thinner and that rest against the last yarn length on each side. Because the rods are thinner, they have more "give", so to keep them from curving inward as I weave, hooks were installed midway along both sides. Those two hooks also hold the last yarn length on each side. Additionally, the yarn is strung on every *other* 1/2" nail (instead of every nail). I hope these changes will provide more control over the straightness of the sides. Please note my smooth new hardwood shuttle. I found it on Etsy and really love it. Weaving is so much easier with no more cardboard!


Gene Black said...

I love the stick shuttles. Since I weave faster on my type of loom, I wind it differently. you can see the method I use here

Gene Black said...

let me try that again here