Monday, November 18, 2013

A Kitty Hammock

This is what I found when I decided to finish a cardboard loom weaving project today. I think my kitty already considers it finished, and hers! She bent the cardboard totally out of shape, and I have my new wooden loom anyhow. So, I guess she can keep it. 


  1. HA!!! Do you think its like a hammock for that little kitty? ~lol~

    1. Exactly! I added that to the post title. Thanks Carol!

  2. Oh how darling!! Cats are definitely creatures of comfort - no matter how many looms (or other things) they might damage. They think that if it makes them purr its theirs -- love them for it.

  3. Ha ha.... You have now officially woven your first hammock. Can you make one in my size? ;-)


  4. I like Gen's comment..I could use a hammock too :)

  5. Oh how sweet. It's warm, it's comfy, the air circulates under it and it doubles as a hiding place. An early holiday present. I'm with Gene…I would love a hammock


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