Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Happy Ghoulie

This gal is made from scrappy quilt blocks and isn't very spooky. Perhaps the most ghoulish thing is her mouth of "evil eye" beads, although she's smiling. Or maybe it's her vintage button beady eyes? Whatever it is, it doesn't scare me. 

Wait, she just said she's helping the environment by re-purposing something vintage besides buttons -- do you see it? 

She's also a Spirit Ghoulie with home-grown sage inside and a crystal outside. 


Its All About Creating said...

Big smiles. She makes me happy. Love, love, love the stocking clip.

Gene Black said...

Cute! I am assuming her "nose" is the other salvaged bit.

Penny said...

I see the 'garter' thingee as her nose, is that it? She's darling. Truly your heart is so good I don't think you could make anything that was REALLY scary.

kathyinozarks said...

she is very fun!