Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wooden Tray Decoupage

Our 7 year old granddaughter (in the Philadelphia bus photos below) stayed with us last week. I wanted to do something crafty with her, so I bought two little wooden trays at AC Moore, and we decoupaged them with Mod Podge and some pretty images torn from paper napkins. This is the one I did, and I wish I had a photo of hers, but she took it home. I like decoupage and guess I should have done it in the 70s when it was really popular! (always was a late bloomer ;)


  1. I absolutely LOVE decoupage! I did a LOT of it in the 70's and since then too. My current project is fabric decoupage...kind of. I still have our decoupaged wedding invitation hanging on our family picture wall. I could go on and on. ~lol~

    I'm so glad you shared this craft with your carry on your crafting tradition so to speak.
    xx, Carol

  2. It is always fun to make something pretty,

  3. I love it!! I've also played with decoupage. Fun thing to do with your granddaughter - and you made a memory she could take home.

  4. wHAT FUN!!! I would have loved to have seen hers...

  5. Very pretty. I soooo love seeing the water behind your pieces. Beautiful staging. Beautiful, vibrant colors on your tray.


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