Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Branching Out!

Many of you seem to be abandoning your blogs for Facebook. I LOVE blogging, so I wont be leaving here. However, not wanting to be left behind (or more accurately, being a "late bloomer") I've created a PINELANDS TREASURES Facebook artist page. This kind of page has no "Friends", only "Likes". If you want to connect with me there instead of here, click on my link below, then click "Like" when you get there. I'll continue be in both places and hope to keep seeing all of you somewhere!

Pinelands Treasures on Facebook


  1. I broke down and set up on fb too-to stay connected with some of my younger friends-got roll along-lol love your artist page-that was a good idea

  2. I "liked you". Honestly, if you have a shop you have to have a FB page. So many are selling their work right from their personal FB page. I'm sure this is a smart move.
    xx, Carol

  3. I much prefer blogging, you get so much junk on fb that you can't find the stuff you really want to see.

  4. You know I'm there! I'll keep this one open for arts and joining swaps here. But all of my musician friends are on FB and that's how they keep up with how Norm is!


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