Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Photography

I'm not getting any crafting done while in NC, but my camera helps being creative. A Tortoise rescuer shared this one with the public. He's a baby at age 30, can live to be 200, and his weight is around 200 lbs. I grabbed the shots as he feasted on grass, his favorite snack. He likes to have his neck scratched (but I didn't ;). 


Its All About Creating said...

Wow. How cool is that? What an amazing creature. No, I wouldn't be scratching his neck either. I have looked at the photo several times just intrigued with the ruffle of his shell, the patterns and textures of his head and legs. Great photos.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OH my gosh!! I would have!!! I absolutely love anything that looks like a turtle . . or a frog. We saw HUGE tortoise at the zoo in Ft. Wayne Indiana. They were just walking around a HUGE pen. They were so big that you could sit one one, but no one would of course. Cool pic.xx, Carol

Gene Black said...

I love it. He looks prehistoric. I suspect these were some of the inspiration for people who drew pictures of dragons.