Monday, September 15, 2014

Beaded Spirit Doll Finished

A few posts below I showed only the finished face of the start of this beaded Spirit Doll. I didn't have a theme yet, but I decided to get back to making something with an American Indian feeling. This fabric reminded me of the full moon American Indian doll series I did a few years ago. Packs of wolves howling outside Indian villages in the deep snows of January gave that month's full moon the name of "Full Wolf Moon".

My 9" doll is embellished with glass beads and beadlettes, mohair scraps for hair, and the face rests on fringed wool felt. The long beaded head adornment is made of 3 handmade beads (Gene, do you recognize them?) and some black and white painted glass beadlettes. Spirit Doll p
ositive energy comes from the sage inside with the stuffing and the crystal holding the beaded adornment on the head. Weight of river rocks in the base keep it standing. This second photo shows the back, a cotton print of birch trees that I really like. 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I miss your spirit dolls. They are always so uniqe. This one does feel very January.
xx, Carol

Its All About Creating said...

Oh this one is really something special. The fabric placement, the beading, the colors, the wolves and that moon! Wow. The back is such a surprise, I love it!

Gene Black said...

Great job...the fabrics and embellishments really pop the face. What diameter is the face?

Gene Black said...

Ha ha... I stopped reading too soon because the pictures captured me. I do recognize those beads now. You use the beads I have made so much better than I do.

Penny said...

Oh, you have surpassed yourself on her -- she's beautiful. Is it nice to get back to dollmaking?? I know I'm sure having fun!