Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Handmade Paper Getting Better

Here are four new sheets of handmade paper. They started with junk mail, then 
added some things for interest and texture to the pulp -- rosemary leaves, weed seeds, pressed poinsettia leaves, snips of yarn, and small bits of fabric. I like to add scraps of construction paper for color. I've been using these papers for folded note cards with paper inserts, but writing directly on them with a fine tip marker works pretty well too. The most fun of doing this is the surprise of how the sheets turn out!


  1. Great textures!! Its fun to make something -- leaving it open to be what it wants to be.

  2. I've created some handmade paper in the past. I think two of my grandsons might be old enough to give it a try...thanks for the reminder. They are beautiful. I might try your construction paper idea for the color.

  3. I just might have to do this...I need to make some note cards...these are great!

  4. they are just lovely Barbara, I was thinking I need to make some red papers for Valentines day


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