Friday, February 20, 2015

Handmae Paper Fun

Today I spent some time replenishing my low supply of handmade paper. The lilac sheet has embedded lavender buds, and it made my kitchen smell great! The light red sheet has red onion skins and dried weeds. The yellow sheet has rosemary leaves, swamp grass seeds, and glitter. The green sheet has dried and pressed red flowers from my Christmas Cactus plant, and the white flecks are pressed Baby's Breath flowers from my Valentine's bouquet. Although I can only make one sheet at a time, I like making paper a lot. I never know for sure how it will turn out, and the possibilities for things to add are endless!


  1. You are amazing with that. I love the different things you included. The lavender buds are my favorite - just for the smell.

  2. your papers are always so lovely Barbara-you know you were my inspiration for paper making-hugs


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