Friday, April 8, 2016

Scrap Blocks -- Crumbs vs. String

In my Sit and Sew group I was shown how to make scrappy Crumb blocks. They are supposed to be mindless, require no thinking, and promise to come out great. I couldn't quite get a feel for it, and the group said I was "over-thinking" (haha, not the first time I've heard that). Anyhow, I promised to go home and make a Crumb block, which I did (top in photo). It took me a long time, and I was tired when done. Then I decided to make one of my favorites, a String block, and I enjoyed making the bottom one very quickly. These blocks have a lot in common. They are both scrappy, mindless, assembled willy-nilly, and anything picked up will work, so why can't I enjoy making a Crumb block? 


  1. I can't put my finger on the why of it, but visually I like the string block better. I think the helter-skelter sewing to the crumb block would make it more tedious than the string block for me.

  2. I think each person finds different things easy. Some people think paper foundation piecing is the easiest thing ever. I can do it, but it is like fighting a battle for me.

  3. Interesting. I think sewing strips together could be mindless. I'm not sure how crumb blocks are done, but relating it to Crazy Quilt, for me stitching this block would totally NOT be mindless. Inability to do it mindlessly is probably the left brain fighting the right brain. I often wish my left brain would let me cut loose a little!!
    xx, Carol


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