Monday, July 25, 2016

New Purchase

While shopping in Ikea, I spotted this small round cactus. Looking more closely, I saw very tiny pink buds trying to emerge. Nothing more was happening in that sunless, noisy environment, so I rescued it. Now at home for only 5 days, this is what happened. At night the buds close up and sleep, then in the morning they open to soak up sunlight. It feels like I have a new pet, but I don't want it in my lap!


  1. I love the pink flowers.....hopefully, you have a green thumb

  2. It's very cute, and looks like there will be more flowers popping out!

  3. I love cactus. Love them so much I love them to death. Literally. I can grow Chicken and Hens..outside.
    Such a pretty little plant. Absolutely love those pretty little flowers.
    xx, Carol

  4. Very sweet! My grandmother used to buy "dead" plants for a quarter or less at WalMart and revive them. She had beautiful plants. I can kill an artificial house plant.


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