Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm Staying Busy

At the risk of boring my non-spinning and knitting friends, here is what I've been doing, and I love it! The little vessel is from drop-spindle handspun merino wool roving, and the Niddy Noddy has my latest batch drying. It's also merino roving, but with some silk and a sparkle added. I look forward to knitting with this! 


  1. It will be beautiful all knitted up! Glad to see you have a guard to watch over your beauties!!

  2. Great work. Your drop spindle spinning has gotten amazingly better. If you want a spinning wheel, you should get one. However, the drop spindle is perfectly fine - it just takes longer to spin.

  3. Cool yarn...but I seriously LOVE that Indian. I have a thing for Indians...Indian lore...Indian art. My thanksgiving is full of Indians.
    Happy Halloween.

  4. wow this is an amazing photo belongs in a magazine--love the colors and your spinning is soooo good


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