Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Morning

Among my morning errands was picking up this inexpensive ($1.64) suet bird feeder, but I did not buy suet. Instead, I filled it with wool yarn and roving scraps from my drop-spindling and knitting. Hopefully, the birds will use these as nesting material. I researched the safety of this idea, and its suggested to cut the scraps into 1-2" pieces to avoid a tangling hazard. It's prettier and more colorful than a suet cake, and I hope the birds like them!


  1. love it will keep them warm in their nests this winter

  2. I'll be interested to know if your birds take any and if you can determine which birds like it. I did this with dryer lint, pieces of yarn and pieces of rope. No takers that I could determine. I'm thinking certain birds might like it and others not. I have just about every bird variety in the area. I didn't hang mine by the feeders. Maybe that's the rub. Maybe I'll try again and put it by the seeds. They sure pick leaves and sticks off the ground! You'd think they would want a softer, warmer refuge for the cold weather.
    xx, Carol

  3. It certainly is pretty hanging there.

  4. I have seen this idea before, brilliant I must try it I keep all my ends when I neaten my weavings. When I was a baby my mum was given an angora cardi for me. When she washed it and hung it on the line the birds removed all the fluffy bits.


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