Saturday, November 5, 2016

Assembly Line Yarn Making

Here are two separate drop-spindle yarns going through different stages. Once spun, the yarn is soaked on a Niddy Noddy and left to to dry. Complete drying can take a couple days.
After drying, it's stored in a hank, then wound into a center-pull ball before using (my balls look more like eggs). Anything that works can be used to wrap the yarn around. I happened to have an old wooden machine spindle that works great, but so does a cardboard toilet paper tube!


Gene Black said...

I Love the yarn on the Niddy Noddy.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The yarn sure is pretty. I'm glad you have expanded your creative skills to work that is easier on your hands. Plus, I sure think there must be tremendous gratification in making a project from real start to finish.
xx, Carol

Penny said...

Does it dry outside during this time of the year or do you bring it inside. Its been so dry here that I think anything would dry here (sadly).

Debra said...

Really pretty-you are speeding along on this new creative direction, and it's fun to see what you're doing.