Friday, December 30, 2016

Still Spinning, Knitting, and Felting

I've kept my hands busy while trying to sort out a Blogger posting dilemma, and here are my two recent vessels. The white one is mostly Alpaca fiber mixed with a bit of dyed Merino sheep wool for the stripe. It's 5" across and 1 1/2" deep. The taller tan one is 100% natural Alpaca fiber (no dyeing) with the same dyed Merino stripe. Alpaca has become my favorite fiber to spin and knit because of its incredible softness. Plus, it felts into a cloud!


  1. Wow the alpaca does felt beautifully! I love it.

  2. OH WOOOOOW!! These are gorgeous. When I saw you post title the thought "Sit and Spin" just stuck in my brain, lol. Remember THAT one?

    I LOVE my desktop. I'll keep it until Win 7 is no longer supported. My routine works for me...use the desktop as soon as I get up until I'm done with the internet. I rarely check back unless I access my email from the tablet. My sewing machine is in the same room. Probably why I don't sew as much as I WANT to. I hate leaving Terry to sit by himself in the Living Room. Life sure moves slowly around my house...unless the Crazy Train visits.
    Happy New Year friend.
    xx, Carol

  3. I have Windows 7 too and would HATE to give it up. I love, love, love the Alpaca. It looks like winter!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Love these vessels-it sounds like you are very busy! I'm glad you will be posting without computer hassles-that can make it so frustrating...

    1. Couldn't seem to reply by email. Just saying thank you for commenting! 😁


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