Sunday, February 12, 2017

Not a Cake

This is an upside down papier-mâché bowl resting to dry on a real bowl being used as a form. It started as an empty cardboard egg carton ripped into small pieces soaked in water a few hours. Then the glop was kneaded into a more pulpy mixture with a bit of green food coloring and a few tbsp tacky glue. It may take days to dry and finally be ready for painting. We shall see!


  1. OMGosh, I still have a sheet of paper in my hutch that Laurie made and painted when she was in elementary school. This is a fun project for you!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Interesting! I will be curious to see how you finish it off. I have never made a paper mâché form.

  3. I've always wondered what someone could do with those egg cartons. Guess the texture has intrigued me. Now i know!!!

  4. This is exciting-we are all waiting!!!


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