Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Firmly Rooted

At the risk of not everyone feeling the impact of this photo, I post it here anyhow. As many of you have taught me, art is everywhere!


  1. Lovely photo, I can see an owl on the ground, just below the root that looks a bit like an elephant trunk.

  2. Barbara-yes, the painting of the moon is on canvas board. I'm trying everything. I have a big pile of wood from Blick to paint on-haven't tried it yet because I want to 'save' it for when I feel my paintings are somewhat better....I've noticed at Etsy there's a huge trend in painting on salvaged wood-which I did years ago-so I have a small pile of that too. I hope you will get those paints out-I can't wait to see your paintings!

  3. It's like looking at the clouds. I see a baboon laying on it's side at the base of the tree. There is a snake head farther out. I love looking at trees...all the time.
    Great pic!
    xx, Carol

  4. Yes indeed. Art is everywhere if we open our eyes to it.


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