Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Second Smaller Bowl

This is the smaller egg carton papier-mâché bowl (3" x 1-1/2"). I used the same process as with the large bowl below -- Gesso, used tea bags, Mod Podge, and black acrylic paint. Now I'm out of cardboard egg cartons, and there's nothing but styrofoam in my usual store. I must find some cardboards as these primitive-looking bowls have been fun to make!



  1. Hard to believe these are so tiny. When I worked, I used to buy cases of 14" square egg cartons to ship our small parts in. 6 cases cost about 36 dollars and that gave me 100s of trays. Your post made me think of that, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. What a cute bowl. I was so surprised to see the actual size. I love it! Aloha, Hùnter

  3. Wow... I think you should have put a coin in the photo for size comparison. That is amazingly small. I was thinking these were much bigger.
    This one looks great. I love your finish on it.

  4. I just love your art. Even though I am working at realistic painting just now-I admit to folk art/prim style as my true love. It is lovely, and so is your work. You could sell these-they are very unique, and people like that.

  5. What a teeny, tiny beauty. I love small stuff - it means there's always room for one more!


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