Friday, July 14, 2017

Doll Quilt Swap

I made this mini for my swap group July partner. Luckily, I had some orpahn blocks, so putting it together wasn't a big project for me. 


Hunter said...

It's beautiful! Look at you!

I love the fabrics and the colors.

With hope, this means you're feeling better.


Gene Black said...

It looks good Barbara. I have never put buttons on a quilt, but I sew my buttons on by machine.

Debra said...

But you DID it!!! Yay! And it's lovely!!!I'm rooting for ya-just so ya know-you've been in my thoughts lately. I hope you are doing well. HUGS!

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

It's wonderful that your hand is better and you're able to participate in a swap. The colors are lovely and the border works very well with the blocks.